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Going to the mountains, an exchange with Ndaba Mandela.

With a panoply of funny anecdotes, proverbs and lessons, the book swoops us into South Africa’s early post apartheid regime. Having a grandfather as the president of a nation, we see through the author’s eyes his struggle to become the wise man his grandfather wanted him to be when all he wanted was to party like other kids his age. His presents us with the stepping stones that made him the man that he is today. 

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Aries Spears.

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it” Robin Williams. Over the decades framing the beginning of his career up to now, a lot has changed on the stand-up comedy scene. Aries Spears started in entertainment back in 1987 when he was fourteen; a time when legends such as Eddie murphy inspired younger black comedians in the US and advocated for the fairness and equal opportunities among comedians making it in the industry. Today, well it is still a tad bit difficult; the right of free speech and the use of true artistry is mostly censored for the benefit of political correctness. Among well known current comedians in America who still stay true to their art...

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Uyoloconnects interviews artist singer Sona Golide. 2020 visions

As a new leaf turns and 2019 leaves us with utter appreciation and feelings of gratitude, uyoloconnects scores a long awaited interview with the impressive neo-soul artist Sona Golide. In this video, Sona talks about her accomplishments thus far, she brushes us up on her "grinds" and more substantially shares an eye opener- more like her 2020 vision on how to reach your goals as a foreigner in the US.  Enjoy!  

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