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Uyoloconnects interviews artist singer Sona Golide. 2020 visions

As a new leaf turns and 2019 leaves us with utter appreciation and feelings of gratitude, uyoloconnects scores a long awaited interview with the impressive neo-soul artist Sona Golide. In this video, Sona talks about her accomplishments thus far, she brushes us up on her "grinds" and more substantially shares an eye opener- more like her 2020 vision on how to reach your goals as a foreigner in the US.  Enjoy!  

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Talking to record label CEO Salatiel, his advice to the youth!

      This prominent record label CEO known around the world especially in Africa let Uyoloconnects ask him a few questions about how he came to build his empire. Salatiel Livenja Bessong is the owner of Alpha Better Record, and also one of the pioneers of the music industry in west Africa. His hit on the song Water from Beyonce's Album Gift as well as his successes such as his latest single Anita and the chef d'oeuvres delivered from his newest album Africa represents made us eager to finally meet the man of the hour! UYOLO: Mr Salatiel, you are one of the most musically accomplished artists in Africa today, not only because you produce really good music but...

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We sat with Teni the entertainer.

It's been a great pleasure for uyoloconnects to add Teni Makanaki the entertainer to the list of inspiring artists that we feature on our blog!  Teni is a young artist from Nigeria who has been breaking the internet since her musical break back in 2017. She is an inspiration to many and remains one of the youngest musicians of her country to reach a large audience worldwide.  Check out our full interview with her right down below. Venue: Indianapolis. Indiana.  

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