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Interview with EL. - uyoloconnects

Elom Abdalah is a rapper form Ghana who uyoloconnects had the pleasure to interview for the purpose of inspiring and filling with knowledge all young aspirers, who like him desire to go after their life purpose and explore creativity in their own particular spectrum.


Arts: If you are an afrobeats fanatic, or just an explorer of music genres, you will love El. El is a rapper from Ghana who started his career from a really young age. His journey ensembles and accumulates some of the most creative west African  songs as well as great collaborations. Read right below our interview with the artist; Elom Abdalah aka El.

Uyoloconnects: How did you get started in the music industry? How did it come about that you also produce music?

EL: I’ve been making music since a very young age, I used to sing in my church choir; later in my endevours, I joined a rap group called skillionaires.; but I learned production by myself along with some friends, it wasn’t as hard as it sounds..

Uyoloconnects :Your works such as: Adwuma and for two are different and really out of the ordinary, where do you get your inspiration from? what is your creative process for an artist such as yourself like?

EL: I believe Music is a gift, it’s hard to explain how one uses a gift, But when I am in a great zone I make my best music. Also I’ve been practicing for a very long time.  Sometimes inspiration Comes from the simplest things at a time one must go out and seek inspiration. My creative process is to surround myself with positive vibes and let the music take me on a journey.

Uyoloconnects : In 2018, when Bar V came out, you featured various artists such as Falz, Bryan the Mensah etc, who is your favorite artist to work with and what other artists do you see yourself working and sharing your energy with in the future?

EL: I see myself working with whoever is very talented and hard-working I personally do not have a bucket list of artists to work With. I believe good things come to people who put the good things out into the world. Though I have worked with very talented artists in the past, I think they all bring something very unique and special to the table. Music is multifaceted and I always seek to experience as much variety as I can.

Uyoloconnects You have been in the industry since 2008, tell us what are the biggest advantages and drawbacks of being  a rapper in Ghana/Africa and your advice to upcoming artists?

EL :There are many drawbacks that pertain to different artists, I have had my personal challenges but I do not let them define me, I focus on the lessons that I learned from the challenges and the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the musical or creative space is to just be true to yourself. That’s all that matters to me so if I would give any advice to an upcoming artist it would be to be your self.There are many advantages to being an artist one of my favorite being The ability to influence people through your art, I consider it to be a great power being in the position to cause certain reaction amongst a great number of people with music.

Uyoloconnects : Apart from the Bar born and raised concert 2019, what other projects do you have coming up? Is your EP available for purchase yet?

EL: Apart from the bar born and raised concert 2019 I am currently recording my album  and A.Is Album. My album Which will be coming out in the year 2020 will be called WAVs. My Music is available on all digital music platforms at E.L

Uyoloconnects : Are you open to working with other creatives, artists and brands out there? If so, how can you be reached?

EL: I am very open to Working with artists who are talented and hard-working I can Be reached on Instagram @elrepgh And on Twitter @elgh_

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