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African art is functional, it serves a purpose. It's not a dormant. It's not a means to collect the largest cheering section. It should be healing, a source of joy. Spreading positive vibrations. - Mos Def

Beautifully satisfying to the senses. Talented. Inventive. Surreal. Are a few words to describe Yanga's Art.

 Yanga Bazz

Recently I had the pleasure to interview this creative genius to discuss what he wanted people to take away from his artistry.

Uyolo : Can you please describe yourself in 3 words?

Yanga : Growing very slowly

Uyolo : Please tell me more about "Yanga the artist" ? What would you like for people to get from your art? How can they stay tuned to your latest pieces, exhibitions and collaborations?

Yanga : Well, I am intrigued by chemistry and how the brain works. I am surprised by how people are unconcerned with how their brain works. The art I make in my opinion suggests how I think the cerebral cortex processes information, heartbreak, alcoholism, drug abuse and also euphoria. The core belief of my work is to visualize the need for an escape in human experience. You can find my works mainly on Behance, Twitter, Facebook as well as my website.

Uyolo : Let's play my own version of smash, kill or marry.

Please choose between A, B or C?

Yanga : C

Uyolo : What is your favorite song at the moment?

Yanga : That's a hard one. Maybe New Balance by Jhene Aiko. Just heard it recently

Uyolo: Lastly, please choose between A, B or C?

Yanga : A

Uyolo : *drum roll please

Well, Yanga you just chose to kill Erykah Badu whilst listening to Jhene Aiko - New Balance #hahaahaha

Uyolo : Well, Yanga thank you for your time. Lastly before we wrap this up is there anything you would like for us to know?

Yanga : Yeah, I would like for whomever reads this to know that we are the masters of our destiny. And that we should choose adversity, complexity over comfort. Thank you.


Yanga also offers graphic designing services for more info please visit his website www.studiokhumo.co.za

Yanga Facebook - www.facebook.com/yanga.studiokhumo

Yanga's Instagram - @yanga_mapengo

Yanga's Twitter - @Yanga_StUDIO_K

Let's support each other golden people.

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