Young, driven and oh so talented. Recently Uyolo got the opportunity to speak to the sensational Rapper Lioness. This rap queen hails from Namibia and she is showcasing her heritage by using her vernicular language Oshiwambo in some of her lyrics. We are glad to have had the opportunity to talk to this talented rapper before her big break 

Uyolo : What inspired you to become the singer that you are today; what triggered your music career?

 Lioness : I was inspired by the constant in my life -music

My mother was in a band in her early life so she’d always play music and her guitar ,my sister produces music and started fairly young . So I was always surrounded by music.i wanted more involvement so I started writing music.

Uyolo : As a Namibian,   what would you say are the most important attributes to have in order make it in the music industry- especially in Africa? Why?

 Lioness : The most important attributes are : fearless dedication and drive ,respect for everyone you meet on your journey (that’s standard but people often fail this) and ambition.


 Uyolo : Your single 'Dreams' recently came out on main musical platforms. Please tell us what inspired the song? What message where you trying to convey in the song. For people who don't speak your native language, could you kindly translate the chorus?

 Lioness : Dreams was inspired by me dealing and accepting my depression after my mother passed. It was a reminder that I’m stronger than I think so I was reminding myself of what I’ve been through what I’m yet to go through and how I shouldn’t be too hard on myself that everything that is happening has purpose I will be bigger than I think I am it’s written 

Uyolo : You work a lot with other artists; what are your fondest musical memori

  Lioness : I remember when i first performed. This was when i did a song for 061 music group.

I remember lying to my mother that I was attending a birthday party but actually went to perform I was young and really naive .i thought I would perform at 8pm but ended up performing at 2am 

I dropped the mic which was really out of context cause I was far from shutting the show down. It was a start and evokes so much hunger and drive to be better.


 Uyolo : What kind of music do you jam to?

 Lioness : To be honest I always brag that I’m stuck in the 90’s 

Honestly I don’t listen to as much hip hop As opposed to rnb soul contemporary instrumentals 

Neo soul so yeah 

  Uyolo : Lastly, what advice would you give to someone who is trying to break into the  Music Industry?

 Lioness : Dont ever stop 

Eventually your passion surpasses all obstacles 

Don’t try jump your gun 

Be patient with the process 

It took me years and I still have a long way to go 



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Instagram : @lioness_nam_

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