The sole purpose of Uyolo connects is to provide its audience with an insight into the lives and works of different artists. We are not a promoting site, we intentionally aim at breaking the barriers of social standards especially within African artists in order for them to use our platform to learn about each other in the eventuality of a future collaboration or simple artistic growth. All artists are laced with talent but not all however are able to see their works valorized. Uyolo’s contributors value arts of all kind, and today we are switching up the game with an interview with Kaluhi who is a Kenyan food blogger. 

 Uyolo: I have seen on your website that you are diverse when creating a recipe. Being Kenyan, how does your culture impact the way you design a recipe or cook in general? And why do you think some people are more comfortable with eating fast foods or unhealthy foods?

 Kaluhi: My Kenyan background definitely impacts my Kenyan food blog. My blog is primarily for Kenyans and using our ingredients and spices we can locally find here and food we grew up eating which I believe has a lot of good health attributes. I also think it is simply preference that makes people eat how they want. One chooses to eat whatever they want, especially when they know what their body needs.

 Uyolo: What makes a successful blogger and cook?

 Kaluhi: A blog can be about any topic, so since I love food, my blog was about food. Merging blogging and food is not really complicated; it was simply opening a blog, and writing about what I like.

 Uyolo: What drives you as an African woman and artist?

 Kaluhi: I am not a restaurateur, I am a food blogger but what drives me is adding value to the lives of my readers and watchers.

 Uyolo: When you first started cooking and blogging did you envision  long-term effect of for example being recognized by CNN as best food blogger in Africa back in 2016 or the partnerships with big brands?

 Kaluhi: It was not anticipated , but in retrospect, I do deserve all my accolades because I do work hard and my work is excellent. I am happy things unfolded as they did and I am excited for the future.

 Uyolo: Last but not least; what music do you jam to when cooking?  

 Kaluhi: I prefer to cook in a silent room. But if I do listen to music while cooking, it is always any Beyoncé album.

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