Skinny dipping into the culture

f you spend an uncanny amount of time on the internet, and are undeniably unwilling to cut down from the five or more hours a day spent on screening through your exe’s twitter page, Hollywood Unlocked, Shadesroom's latest scoop, or again the newest YouTube make-up or breakup tutorials; why not make sure that you are also getting your daily good internet shake? This means following great influencers who will always inspire you right there on your feed when you decide to take a stroll down the internet lane.

Below are uYolo’s top 5 African influencers. They are ethnic grounded and successful self-made entrepreneurs, artists, living their best lives working either travelling around the globe or living in Africa; either way, they always serve it up bold, passionate and true!

 1. Thione Niang. He comes from Senegal, he is a philanthropist, motivational speaker and a political activist.

2. Kaluhi Adagala is a Kenyan food guru who crosses borders to share her passion and experience the different tastes of life.

3. Nancie Mwai: She is an award winning fashion blogger and an online content creator whose tips on fashion and lifestyle might just be the plus you need to get through a long day!

4. Velma Rossa. She is divinely rooted, she comes from Nairobi and is one of the 2manysiblings. Her Instagram page will make you feel like a breath of fresh vintage African air.

5. Trevor noah he is a  South African comedian, the current host of the Daily Show and one of the most beloved upcoming media influentials in the US.


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