Talking to record label CEO Salatiel, his advice to the youth!


This prominent record label CEO known around the world especially in Africa let Uyoloconnects ask him a few questions about how he came to build his empire. Salatiel Livenja Bessong is the owner of Alpha Better Record, and also one of the pioneers of the music industry in west Africa. His hit on the song Water from Beyonce's Album Gift as well as his successes such as his latest single Anita and the chef d'oeuvres delivered from his newest album Africa represents made us eager to finally meet the man of the hour!

UYOLO: Mr Salatiel, you are one of the most musically accomplished artists in Africa today, not only because you produce really good music but also because you just collaborated with Beyonce on the song Water from the Gift, how this this collaboration come to fruition? Did you see this blow up coming? 

SALATIEL: I have been working as an artist for fourteen, song writing and singing, and as a producer for over 10 years for myself and a host of other artists who became successful with my work  So I would say I have building step by step over time to be ready.

As for the collaboration with Beyonce the album "Gift" had a script that just needed the right pieces which she and her team knew exactly what they wanted so, they did the scouting and found out I was one those pieces needed to fit in the project and called me and my team. It took two months from the call to the realization of the work and it is a pleasure to be part of the gift.

As for the blow up I knew it would come with time, so I just put in the work I had to, to be ready for it because the challenges ahead are bigger. And God's grace and favor has been a major part of the journey too

UYOLO: Your career actually originated far back in 2014 why wait until 2019 for a first official album release? Do you have any tours coming soon?

SALATIEL: My career started in 2014 but needed time to build a solid base as an artist, reason for the album coming this year, and it will follow with another next year and most likely every year. There is enough material which has been prepared over the years to saturate.

UYOLO: Being the CEO of  Alpha Betta records, how do you hope to impact the African youths  through your works? Do you have criterias when deciding whether or not to work with a start up artist? 

SALATIEL: There are no fix criteria to starting up an artist, it is a combination of many things and places where we can compromise. Bit for the basics it takes talent, mind set, and dedication.

UYOLO: Tell us briefly what are the biggest advantages of being a CEO of a label and some drawbacks from that too.

SALATIEL: Being an independent artist in Africa is not easy, talk less of running an independent label that has grown as big  as Alpha better Records. It's a good feeling to be your own boss and do things exactly how u feel it, and when the success comes it is bigger and more fulfilling than just being under a Major. But it takes a huge amount of sacrifice and hustle to grow it this big. I literally had to sacrifice my career as an artist in the beginning for the greater good of establishing the label and other artists besides myself, of which I have no regrets. African youths just need to know it is possible to do it, we can only build Africa through entrepreneurship in our different domains of expertise in society.

UYOLO: Are you open to working with other creatives, artists and brands out there? If so, how can you be reached?

SALATIEL: Open yes, that is what we have been doing all along from the start, partnering with other labels on their artists like Steven's with Daphne, Big Dreams with Locko, Dynastie with Tiger Prod, Zion Records with Meshi (just to name a few) and doing the biggest songs of all these artists' careers in such collaborations. We can be contacted on Social Media accounts there are numbers

@therealsalatiel on Instagram and Twitter @Salatiel on Facebook, make sure it is the verified pages, or via mail on



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