Interview with photographer Godiva Omoruyi

Interview with photographer Godiva Omoruyi - uyoloconnects

From Afrofuturism, to portraiture and graphic design, Godiva Omoruyi is a multi-talented artist photographer born and raised in Nigeria. His work in its detail highlights his devotion to his craft. His eye catching works have earned him features in various blogs, magazines, and galleries.

Interview with photographer Godiva Omoruyi Interview with photographer Godiva Omoruyi 


Uyoloconnects: Give us a bit of your background, and why photography as your means of artistic expression?

Godiva Omoruyi: My name is Godiva Omoruyi. I am a Fine art portrait photographer and a Digital artist. I am 22 years of age, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and I am from Edo State. 2016, I learned Graphics design, still wasn't finding a balance, like I needed a different skill to fill that void. 2018, I had no choice but to learn a new skill, photography. I was taught the basics for six months and figured out the rest myself. Photography is not just a means of expression. It is comfort. Over the years, it has been therapeutic for me mentally.

Uyoloconnects: You are a very versatile artist. From collages to Afrofuturism, portraiture and graphic design, which of your professional activities do you enjoy most?

Godiva Omoruyi: All activities I enjoy the most, but the one I find flexible and easy to express my creativity is portraiture.

Uyoloconnects: Congratulations on VITILIGO! Your work is extremely beautiful and very detailed. The majority of the work you showcase on your Instagram account is portraiture with a deep accent on your model’s eyes .. Why this accent?

Godiva Omoruyi: Thank you. As a creative entity, a part of your art should always get the attention of your audience. For me, it's the eyes. The eyes are the most beautiful part of the human face.

Uyoloconnects: Tell us more about your creative process (what drives you), and your upcoming projects.

Godiva Omoruyi: The beauty in humanity, Music, and other creatives in different spectrums. I have a lot of projects coming up. one of them is 3SKINGS.

Uyoloconnects: As a creative, what is the biggest lesson that your career has taught you? What advice would you give to young aspirers out there?

Godiva Omoruyi: Over the years doing photography, I'll say patience. In other words, trust your process. My advice to young aspires is to Observe, Trust your Process, Pray and do a lot of learning.

Uyoloconnects: How are you able to monetize from your work? Aside from or Instagram, how may audiences or customers access your personal portfolio?

Godiva Omoruyi: For now, It's just Mybeautifulafrica and Asare Africa. I am working on my website I will be dropping soon.


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