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Modeling With Papa Iceberg - uyoloconnects

papa iceberg

He is a model from Senegal whose way of the arts, almost like a mastery of his own touch led us to want to know more about him.

Here’s Papa iceberg’s interview with uyoloconnects. Enjoy, comment and follow him on his social links!

Uyoloconnects:  Have you always wanted to model? Who mentored you to become the model that your are today? Why the pseudonym papa Iceberg?

Papa Iceberg: I never knew what i would do. I have never been sure of life and destiny. I have never dared to plan things i’d do in my life. It scares me,...

I never thought at some point in my life I would “model” (I insist on the QUOTES on “model”).

I don’t want to define what i’m doing. I don’t want to box myself somewhere. It is beyond me.

I have always been guided by this uncontrollable desire of self discovery through self expression.

Once in Dakar, six years ago, I found the courage to express what was bubbling inside me

That's what pushed me to be in front of the camera (but not only ...) to give free rein to my stealthy mind and let my many "me" express themselves freely.

I have never had a mentor. But i have inspirations and people i look up to. People i take the good from.

Papa Iceberg: Papa is my nickname and Iceberg is a metaphor. A metaphor of us as humans; about how plural we can be in a human form. How we can hide what we really are behind a physique.To me everyone is an Iceberg. Everyone is more than what we think they are and what we boxed them to be...

Uyoloconnects: From some of your visuals, shoots and fashion sense; it appears that you favor to dress to look like you were from the 60s or 70s. Where do you get this fascination with vintage from?

Papa Iceberg: I’m connected to anything past, old, To anything with a past life. I love vintage because of how it makes me feel. It feeds the nostalgia of life, of what we’ve missed. Because i feel like time moves very fast, so fast it scares me. It doesn’t give us freedom to enjoy what it brings. It always replace things and people very fast. It makes me sad. We lose everything, everything but the soul. And that’s what attracts me.

On one hand, I've got it from my mom. She inspires me a lot in every way.

On the other hand, I find inspiration within myself. I love seeking inside that nostalgia, it feels good.

modeling with papa iceberg 


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