Soul Music Syncing With Regis Kole

Soul Music Syncing With Regis Kole - uyoloconnects


A cross cultural soul artist, Regis Kole has dropped his latest single Free Like A Bird on May 13th 2020. His lyrics offer a comforting message during a time where the world tries to emerge from Covid-19. This has prompted us to interview the artist. Regis Kole is a French-Beninese singer, songwriter, and producer who went viral in 2018 for his hit song “Sing Sing”, used by Renault Occasions in their automotive ad. Regis Kole has since  released three other singles with his latest one being “Free Like A Bird”. In this interview, uyoloconnects discusses the artist’s influences, and how his background and multicultural life have shaped his musical career.

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