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UCFP - kaMablukhwe - uyoloconnects

" Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them." - Miriam Makeba

 Simple, Brave and Kind are amongst the few words to describe kaMablukhwe.

UCFP - kaMablukhwe


UCFP - kaMablukhwe 



Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing kaMablukhwe.

 Uyolo - Please tell the readers about yourself and what you do ?

 kaMablukhwe - Greetings, I am a Xhosa woman from a small rural area called Mthwaku, in the small town Keiskammahoek of the Eastern Cape.

I believe in SPIRITUALITY hence I practice Yoga. It allows me to listen and talk to the inner God in my bad and good times. I am currently residing in Cape Town very far from home and when I am faced with adversities Yoga is the only way to calm those storms.

 I started practicing Yoga in May of 2016. I am self taught and through determination, consistency and discipline I have made it this far. The motto that has resonated is to not rely on anyone for progress and that it all begins with me.

 I don't live nor abide by what society says, I live and do according to what my inner God tells me. I am a simple, free spirited person and that is the way of life I have chosen for myself. Sometimes you got to do what you do for yourself, by yourself, to yourself and let the universe bless you with more.




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